About Us

About Us

Infrastructure, services, and expertise.

Ingenuity Cloud Services has twenty years of experience providing expert hosting solutions to clients around the globe. From shared hosting in Iowa to GPU servers in India, we have traversed the world locating the best data center locations, top hardware, and industry experts to build our products and services from the ground up.

We know that what makes Ingenuity Cloud Services truly great is our commitment to excellence. Our diverse team stretches across five continents and is composed of industry experts who thrive when presented with unique hosting problems. We love customizing orders, working with accounts one-on-one, and seeing clients reach their goals. It is through your success and scalability that we reach our true potential.

From our 24-hour technical support staff to our data center technicians, we have your back. Are you ready to partner with Ingenuity Cloud Services and take your hosting to the next level?

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Our expert technical support team acts as a safety net for your web hosting services.

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About THG

We store and serve data from 30+ different locations around the world and provide the foundation for some of the world’s leading brands.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our latest news, press releases, product launches and more.

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