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Global GPU Deployment Solutions

Deploy a wide range of NVIDIA V-series and A-series GPUs, from A2s, A100s to H100s, in your preferred region.

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Scalable Bare Metal Server Solutions

Discover our high-performance, dedicated Bare Metal servers for your challenging workloads. Unparalleled speed, scalability, and global availability.

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Customizable Game Server Hosting

Dedicated gaming servers for lag-free, high-performance online gaming experiences across global gaming hubs.

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Maximise Network Performance

Test drive our network’s speed, power and redundancy with full IPMI access – no commitment required!

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Network Capacity

Our Global Infrastructure

Data Centers

Our worldwide data center footprint is key to delivering the utmost in high-quality, high-performance hosting infrastructure. We operate world-class data centers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York City, and Salt Lake City. Global partnerships with other carefully selected service providers extend our reach right around the world, enabling us to offer 35+ Data Centers in 30+ locations across five continents.

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Global Network

Our enterprise-grade network is engineered to support billions of transactions at lightening-fast speed. We use only the highest quality hardware to blend excellent uptime with state-of-the-art control. We have partnered with Tier 1 transit providers like Level 3 Communications and Cogent to support your mission-critical workloads and infrastructure needs at scale.

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Automation & Control

Ingenuity Cloud Services offers the tools you need to run your business effortlessly. Automate server creation and management using our powerful REST APIs; IPMI directly and securely into your servers; check usage graphs via the Ingenuity Cloud Services control panel - the control you need to manage your infrastructure is at your fingertips.

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IaaS & Dedicated Hosting

Configure the optimal hosting solution with high or low bandwidth options across 35+ Data Centers in 30+ locations.

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Harness the power of High Performance Computing with top tier GPU servers with available hardware upgrades.

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Test Drive Network

Try before you buy? Take our network & hardware for a test drive with no commitment necessary.

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Cloud & Servers

We offer a wide range of high-performance infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. From virtual servers to dedicated server clusters, each Ingenuity Cloud Services solution is designed to be fast, reliable, and highly scalable.

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Software & Services

Ingenuity Cloud Services can provide a range of operating systems, control panels and software to help build and manage your perfect solution.

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GPU Servers

Harness the power of High Performance Computing with top tier GPU servers with available hardware upgrades. We offer GPU servers in Salt Lake City, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Amsterdam.

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Industry Solutions


From multiplayer to mobile games, latency matters.

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4 out of 5 people will leave a video if it buffers for too long.

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Bandwidth, connectivity, and redundancy necessary for optimized VPN delivery.

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Our global colocation services will connect your enterprises, service providers and cloud platforms.

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