Data Centers

Data Centers

35+ data centers in 30+ locations connecting your data to the world.

Our worldwide data center footprint is the foundation of everything we do. Through 35+ data centers in 30+ locations, we have the largest network in the entire industry. By connecting to our global backbone network, we will deliver the utmost in high-quality, high-performance hosting infrastructure. Ingenuity Cloud Services operates seven fully-owned, world-class data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York City, New Jersey, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. However, our global partnerships with carefully selected hosting providers then extend our reach to a further 49 locations spanning five continents.

Designed to provide infallible security, performance, efficiency, and resiliency, each of our data centers is built to suit its unique location and maintain a stable environment. By maintaining our data centers and network to the highest standard, we can provide an unrivaled service on a global scale.


  • Multi-level facility access control
  • Restricted biometric access with proximity keycard control
  • 24x7x365 digital video surveillance
  • Locking, restricted access cabinets
  • Overhead and underfloor VESDA fire protection system


  • N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • N+1 standby 2.25-megawatt generators
  • Multi-day fuel reserves and battery backup available to cover mains power outages and ensure constant uptime


  • N+1 cooling infrastructure
  • Recycled air from outside to minimize environmental impact
  • 30” raised flooring to facilitate underfloor cooling
  • Advanced canopy cold-aisle contained cooling
  • Optimal ambient operating environment
Ingenuity Cloud Services Data Centers Map

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