Purpose-built web hosting for VFX studios

Purpose-built web hosting for VFX studios

Achieve ultimate workstation flexibility and rendering compute abilities with customizable hosting solutions.

Our bare metal servers, secure network, and NVIDIA GPUs deliver the power and flexibility required by large VFX houses today. We provide remote rendering and workstation services as part of our IaaS platforms. With flexible specs, terms, and GPU support, our VFX customers benefit from premium performance on a global scale.



We understand that network security is of prime importance to our VFX customers. Alongside our 100% network uptime, we have built an ultra-reliable and super secure network environment.

For businesses with short-term or client VPN requirements, our dedicated firewalls deliver IPSec VPN tunnels directly to your office or clients, ensuring your remote talent can connect securely to our datacentre.

For clients with longer-term requirements, we receive a dedicated point-to-point connection, with high bandwidth, dark fibre connections, into Telehouse North and Brick Lane-based Interxion.



Our bare metal servers are significantly more cost effective than public cloud. Delivering superior performance, our superfast network, coupled with up to 10Gbps connectivity, provides low-latency throughput, wherever you need it. Operate with confidence knowing that you won’t be subjected to any unexpected costs, such as egress charges.

Our range of CPU types are racked and ready to go, providing the perfect solution for rendering projects of any size or shape. Our CPUs are entirely customizable, enabling you to tailor memory, disk, and network to your specific requirements.
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We partner with NVIDIA to provide cutting edge GPUs and the best price to power ratio in the industry. Our range of GPUs are customizable to your specific needs, all of which are capable of diverse rendering workloads.

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Flexible terms

With terms as short as one month, we are ready to assist with projects of any duration, enabling you to avoid unnecessary CAPEX expenditure.

Proof of concept

We’ll work with you to develop a proof of concept built to your needs, so that you can operate with confidence and utilize our infrastructure to its highest potential.

Global presence

With over 35 data centers across 30 locations, we provide the IT infrastructure for leading VFX brands to thrive in an increasingly digital and remote-based world.

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