Ingenuity Cloud Services supports a wide range of operating systems and control panel providers. Each can facilitate custom OS templates and control panels to fit perfectly with any number of configurations. We can also help with custom packages and partitions, as well as load virtualization technologies onto your services. Additionally, Ingenuity Cloud Services offers security that can be layered at the software level to secure your server.

Free Operating Systems

You can facilitate the installation of custom templates to speed up your deployment for the following operating systems:

  • Alma: Linux 8, 8 with cPanel & 9
  • CentOS: 7, 7 with cPanel, Stream 8 & Stream 9
  • Ubuntu: 18.04, 20.04 & 22.04
  • Debian: 10 & 11
  • FreeBSD: 13
  • Rocky Linux: 8 & 9
  • Gentoo: Current

Paid-for Operating Systems

Licenced operating systems from Microsoft server and Linux Enterprise that allow you to customise templates to speed up your deployment:

Windows Server 2016 & 2019

  • 8 cores - $34/mo (Microsoft- minimum license)
  • 16 cores - $68/mo
  • 20 cores - $85/mo
Select currency:

Please speak to our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Control Panels & Monitoring

cPanel Image

cPanel is the world’s favorite control panel software and is designed to take the strain out of server management. Working seamlessly alongside the Ingenuity Cloud Services Console, cPanel helps you minimize your administration overhead and maximize your server’s potential. With 20-years server management experience, cPanel is a great choice for servers large and small. If you need a control panel to help you to manage your servers, we recommend cPanel as a first choice.

cPanel licensing begins at only $20 per month for cPanel Admin Cloud for up to five accounts on a virtual server. For dedicated hosting, cPanel Metal 100 allows for up to 100 accounts for only $42 per month. See pricing for extended licenses below.

Select currency:
Package Name Number of Accounts Price
Admin (up to 5 accounts) Cloud 1 to 5 $20.00
Pro (up to 30 accounts) Cloud 6 to 30 $26.00
Plus (up to 50 accounts) Cloud 31 to 50 $34.00
Premier (up to 100 accounts) Cloud 51 to 100 $40.00
Premier any additional
account over 100
Each account in
excess of 101
$0.26 each
Package Name Number of Accounts Price
cPanel Metal 100 1 to 100 $42.00
cPanel Metal 200 101 to 200 $62.00
cPanel Metal 500 201 to 500 $142.00
cPanel Metal 1000 501 to 1000 $248.00
cPanel Metal 1000+
Single Account
Each account in
excess of 1001
$0.26 each

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