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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Interested in taking your digital transformation to the future?

We have built the ultimate, secure infrastructure to support your adoption of blockchain technology, offering you ultra-fast and unthrottled bandwidth for your crypto-currency transactions. Join thousands of global companies across financial services, supply chains, healthcare and more to discover innovative ways you can leverage distributed ledger technology to drive operational efficiencies and deliver instant business value to your stakeholders.

Thinking about embarking on a digital transformation journey?
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Greater transparency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized network based on blockchain technology that ensures the integrity of all transaction data. All network participants must agree on a single transaction before being recorded, meaning everyone will share the same documentation on the distributed ledger - your data will be more accurate and consistent than traditional record-keeping methods.

Secure transactions

Transactions are conducted peer-to-peer, rather than by a bank or any other regulatory authority, making it impossible to counterfeit or duplicate payments. All transactional data is safely stored across a network of computers in the form of a digital ledger, instead of a single server enabling enhanced security compliance and reducing the risk of any cybersecurity attacks or concerns.

Reduced costs

Blockchain eliminates the need for third-party verification when processing payments, allowing you to avoid any delays or additional charges when a middleman is involved. Your data will only be securely accessible to all the parties immediately involved also decreasing the margin of error when processing any sensitive information.

Bandwidth for Cryptocurrencies

Avoid costly bandwidth overage charges with unmetered hosting. Our unthrottled, unmetered packages are as close as you will find to truly unlimited bandwidth. Currently available in both 1GBPS and 10GBPS variations in selected locations, unmetered bandwidth is the optimal hosting solution to handle extensive crypto workloads and unpredictable traffic bursts.

95th percentile billing

Experts in the field of web hosting, we have built a secure global infrastructure to handle massive crypto workloads and support your peer-to-peer transactions. From location to bandwidth allocation, including unmetered and 95th percentile billing, we work with clients to personalize the ideal hosting solution to suit their specific needs

Our team of specialists can help you find a winning combination of location and cost-effective, cutting edge technologies to support your requirements. Lead the change with us.

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