Backup Protection

Backup Protection

We’ve partnered with the leading backup service provider, R1Soft, to deliver affordable and efficient backup software for both virtual and physical environments. Continuous Data Protection™ reduces backup time and ensures that blocks are optimized, secured, and stored for complete backup storage, even from multiple recovery points. Quickly and easily manage your backup protection from your Console account. No additional logins or dashboards required.

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Backup Software


Incremental backups allow for file transfer in minutes, not hours.


Everything you need is included. No additional multi-platform fees.

Quick Restore

Manage thousands of servers, each with the ability to quickly restore entire servers.


Choose your backup schedule based on your needs.

Continuous Data Protection™

R1Soft’s Block-Level Continuous Data Protection™ (CDP) is an efficient method of recording data in secure increments. Disk activity is monitored when data blocks are updated per session through a software application uploaded to each server. CDP uses a small amount of memory to record backup information, providing almost real-time monitoring and backup without additional computing overhead, disk read operations, or network utilization.

Why employ backups?

In your day-to-day administration you will likely face your share of challenges. However, data backup shouldn’t be one of them. Backup Protection helps make your data manageable in any environment while employing Disk Safe technology to keep your backups secure. If you are facing growing data and shrinking budgets, Backup Protection can provide the critical, secure backups you need at a pace that exceeds your expectations.

250,000 servers around the globe utilize the speed and accuracy of R1Soft’s backup technology.

Single console, multi-platform

Already have a Ingenuity Cloud Services account?

Simply log into your Ingenuity Cloud Services account and click the server you would like to backup. Click the Backup Protection tab and follow the prompted steps. Once the Backup Protection agent is added to your server, you can set up your preferred backup schedule.

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